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Why choose our company? started off with its founding members joining hands together to make exemplary efforts towards the growth of the electronic industry. Although Televisions, mobile phones and Home appliances were its core selling products, eBug visioned itself as a potential provider for a larger audience, catering products and services it many areas.

Apart from introducing the latest Technologies into the Sri Lankan market, eBug also delivers to your doorstep where you are in the island.

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Who we are?

A team of energetic individuals thrive to serve the needs of our consumers.

What we do?

Our primary objective is to make a connection withing consumers and their day to day need. we bring you the latest technologies in television, mobile accessories, camera’s and many more.

Why we do this?

We want to be the pioneers in introducing innovative technology. technology and products that can make life easier.

Where we do this?

Why our consumers love shopping at is because of our flexibility on shopping. We are everywhere. Apart from the most commercial city in Sri Lanka, we deliver products to all parts of the country.

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